Income Annualisation Calculator

This Income Annualisation calculator is a tool to determine borrowers' annual income from the income that has been accruing for less than a full year accrued year to date.

Income Annualisation Calculator


Income Annualisation Calculator Assumptions

  • The start and end dates are included in the “Number of paid days”.
  • From start date to next 365 days, if the range includes 29 February, will use 366 days, otherwise it will use 365 days.
  • The calculator doesn't convert between gross and net income. If input is gross income, the result is gross income.


This Income Annualisation Calculator has been provided in good faith as a guidance tool only. Results are not financial advice, are a guide only, and are not a guaranteed outcome or quote. You should always discuss your individual situation with an Australian Credit Licensee or Authorised Credit Representative.

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