Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

Finding a suitable mortgage can be a lot like climbing a dangerous mountain. One bad step and you can be faced with disaster. You'll find that even the most experienced climbers take a guide with them and so should you when looking for a new home loan. Here are 6 strong reasons why you should use the services of a mortgage broker.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker
Save Money

1. Save money

With access to over 1400 financial products and direct bank contacts, I can source, negotiate and structure the most suitable home loan for you, which can save you thousands over the course of your home loan.

2. Receive guidance & advice

The Australian lending market has a wide variety of lenders; including banks, credit unions, building societies and mortgage managers. I can guide you through their jargon-filled landscape, to not only help you find the right home loan but to also help you learn along the way.


3. Save research time

Contacting banks and comparing loans online can take time. I have the software, bank contacts and systems in place to quickly filter through the loan products meaning you don’t have to.

4. Avoid the paperwork

I will complete all the necessary paperwork (apart from signing them) and coordinate settlement between the lenders, conveyancers, settlement agencies, real estate agents, builders, etc… making life much easier for you.


5. Gain long-term peace of mind

I’m always here to help; whether it questions about your home loan, ongoing home loan suitability checks, market updates... I’m here to help. And remember, all this at zero cost to you.

6. Avoid any hazards and pitfalls

Many products on the surface seem to offer a great deal. But under the surface, they may include penalties, fees and charges that aren’t obvious. I can help you avoid signing up for any home loan that you may later regret.


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