Keystart Home Loans

Keystart Home Loans was established in 1989 by the WA Government to help eligible West Australians achieve home ownership. Keystart does this by offering affordable, low deposit home loans with no lenders mortgage insurance. Since its inception, Keystart has helped well over 85,000 West Australian individuals and families to own their homes across Perth and country WA.

Keystart Home Loans Perth


Keystart Home Loan Advantages

  • Keystart offers a number of low deposit home loans with the lowest minimum deposit required being just 2% of which 1% needs to be genuine savings.
  • No Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is payable with Keystart. LMI is typically payable with the majority of lenders when you have less than a 20% deposit. 
  • Keystart will lend for residential purposes across the whole of Perth and Western Australia, and there are no postcode limits unlike a lot of other lenders.
  • Applicants who have had previous loan defaults or who have been discharged from bankruptcy may also qualify for finance. Various conditions will apply.

Keystart Home Loan Disadvantages

  • There are a number of stringent eligibility conditons in place. For example:
    • You must be a WA resident.
    • The home loan must for owner occupier purposes only.
    • There are three maximum income brackets which are dependent upon whether you are single, are a couple or are a family.
    • There are maximum property purchase prices in place, which are dependent upon the property's location.

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