Lender Branches in WA

The internet has made dealing with lenders much easier over the last ten years. But there are still times when you need to visit your lender to speak with someone face to face. So, which lenders have the most branches available to us here in Western Australia? Find out below.

Lender Branches in WA


Institution Name Type No. of Branches in WA No. of Branches Australia Wide % in WA
Commonwealth Bank of Australia1 Bank 162 1,147 14%
Westpac Banking Corporation2 Bank 119 1,237 10%
ANZ Ltd Bank 80 751 11%
National Australia Bank Ltd3 Bank 76 749 10%
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd Bank 48 546 9%
Rural Bank Ltd Bank 40 244 16%
Bank of Queensland Ltd Bank 26 226 12%
Police & Nurses Ltd4 Bank 17 17 100%
SuncorpMetway Ltd5 Bank 12 185 6%
Community CPS Australia Ltd6 Bank 9 45 20%
HSBC Bank Australia Ltd Bank 4 32 13%
Defence Bank Ltd Bank 3 39 8%
The University Credit Society Ltd Credit Union 3 3 100%
Australian Defence Credit Union Ltd Credit Union 2 36 6%
Big Sky Building Society Ltd Building Society 2 3 67%
Goldfields Money Ltd Credit Union 2 2 100%
Maritime, Mining & Power Credit Union Ltd Credit Union 2 20 10%
Australian Central Credit Union Ltd Credit Union 1 53 2%
Bank of China Ltd Bank 1 9 11%
Credit Union Australia Ltd Credit Union 1 59 2%
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Bank 1 3 33%
Dnister Ukrainian Credit Cooperative Ltd Credit Union 1 4 25%
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd Bank 1 3 33%
Qantas Staff Credit Union Ltd Credit Union 1 10 10%
The Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ, Ltd Bank 1 2 50%
HSBC Ltd Bank 1 5 20%

Source: Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) - Authorised Deposit Taking Institution's (ADI) Points of Presence June 2015 (issued 23 September 2015)

Note 1: Commonwealth Bank of Australia fully owns Bankwest and majority owns Aussie Home Loans.
Note 2: Westpac Banking Corporation owns St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of SA and RAMS.
Note 3: NAB owns UBank.
Note 4: Now known as P&N Bank.
Note 5: More simply known as Suncorp.
Note 6: Trades as Beyond Bank Australia.

There were 616 branches in Western Australia, a decrease of 15 (2%) from 631 at 30 June 2014.


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